What is the Answer to Your Question? The conclusion of this draw is based on the influence of the moon, determining the climate of the day and the influence of the tarot, symbolizing your own state of mind and your situation. After the individual description of the cards, you will discover the synthesis that results as well as the advice that we give you, in relation to the facts of your problem.

The Moon is in Leo

The moon in Leo helps a lot to express yourself, it induces a beautiful eloquence, a clear and lucid will. It helps to organize and become effective but it also generates a certain paternalism, outrageous or vain attitudes.

Your lunar tarot card is The Star

Card number XVII is the Star. On it is a naked woman, kneeling at the edge of a river. Yellow and blue stars light up the sky. This card symbolises sincerity and humility in the face of nature's greatness. The Star represents generosity, greatness, and sharing. The Star card is very positive, a sign of renewal, rebirth, and purity. Dreams will come true or be productive, thanks to the positive effects of the Star. The consultant will follow their destiny, their guiding star, and move along their path untroubled. A weight will be lifted from them, and they will be renewed with energy, from finding serenity and being able to start anew at last. The Star card can represent people who are surrounded by a lot of success (public figures, for example), or generous people who give a lot of themselves to others, such as nurses, teachers, etc.

The main meaning of this card is peace, harmony and tranquil love. This is about people developing their ability to share with others and revealing the beauty of their nature to others.

It's a day for...

This is the moment to show your gratitude, your respect and your esteem, it will be returned to you a hundredfold. Relationships between people are uncompromising but loyal and constructive. It is a very good climate to undertake or introduce yourself.

But not a day for...

This is not the time to persist in error, to want to have the last word at all costs or to make tons for little things. Do not make an impulse purchase that can destabilize your finances and do not become vain.

The little "+" for you

The wave associated with the moon in Leo forces us to do things well and big, it does not tolerate mediocrity or cowardice and incorporates the notions of organization of determination in its responses.

Here is what we can foresee, Friday 3 of April, with the drew of the arcane The Star and the Moon in Leo.

Your entrepreneurial spirit blossoms in a creative atmosphere that is favorable to all your projects. Your loves are stable, your finances too and you have the opportunity to flourish in your professional life: your work, your efforts and your discipline bear fruit and you could even consider installing yourself on your account if it is part of your ambitions. This ambitious Moon galvanizes your desires to succeed in life. It makes you want to have more and better. It wakes up certain desires that were stored in the bottom of a drawer of your mind.

Your experience is your best asset that will take you to the success you deserve. You have the sense of a job well done. Order and method are your motto. Conjugated to this Moon which has weight, everything is possible! It guides you to situations that will prove to be advantageous for you. Under these influences, your businesses are destined for success. Your pragmatism brings you, help, support and encouragement that will contribute to your prosperity.

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