What is the Answer to Your Question? The conclusion of this draw is based on the influence of the moon, determining the climate of the day and the influence of the tarot, symbolizing your own state of mind and your situation. After the individual description of the cards, you will discover the synthesis that results as well as the advice that we give you, in relation to the facts of your problem.

The Moon is in Scorpio

The moon in Scorpio induces an exalted intimacy and the expression of passions, it deepens the relationships, it pushes the unequivocal focus and it crystallizes emotions.

Your lunar tarot card is the World

The World card bears the number XXI, and it is the best card in the Tarot of Marseille. It is extremely positive. On it can be seen a naked woman, surrounded by the four elements at the source of life. The World represents flourishing and accomplishment in life. In this card, man has found harmony; unity between his body and soul. He possesses an inner wealth that cannot be shaken. This wisdom gives him strength and courage. The World card symbolises the Illuminated, he who has reached Nirvana; a freed being. In the first instance, this card can also announce travel, productive exchanges, movement, or creation. It is the card of success, a sign of recognition and development. It brings great joy and light, which naturally spreads to the cards around it.

The World is the best of all possible cards and brings everything that is positive. Success is a certainty.

It's a day for...

It's a good day for very, very sensual loving relationships. Medicine and scientific research are promising sectors. It's a good time to analyze your situation with a lot of intuition and intellectual honesty.

But not a day for...

Avoid radical and stubborn positions, this is not a good time for unions or separations. The resolution of conflicts must be postponed, it is not the moment to party or go out in box, the atmosphere is intimate and cozy.

The little "+" for you

This wave associated with the moon in Scorpio is more demanding and is not content with good words. The solution it offers requires a serious examination of conscience and sometimes a sacrifice or a renunciation.

Here is what we can foresee, Thursday 2 of July, with the drew of the arcane the World and the Moon in Scorpio.

Everything is fine, your businesses flourish, your activities unfold, your claims succeed. Your analytical skills and excellent intuition allow you to make a lucid point about your situation and the positive balance allows you even other investments or orientations. On the emotional front, you unite: meeting or marriage. The trials, the choices, the past have made you evolve. Your level of consciousness has taken a step. You enter an active and energetic phase that will give you the means to live better and differently. Taking into account the past, you will be able to make the most of the circumstances and events.

This Moon in Scorpio helps you to not make the same mistakes again. It encourages you to hold steady and not let go. It's hard to influence you. Your mind knows how to resist what could be toxic. This Moon encourages you to stay with your goals. It may be that contrary influences have the upper hand. Do not give in. With this Moon, you will win in the end.

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