What is the Answer to Your Question? The conclusion of this draw is based on the influence of the moon, determining the climate of the day and the influence of the tarot, symbolizing your own state of mind and your situation. After the individual description of the cards, you will discover the synthesis that results as well as the advice that we give you, in relation to the facts of your problem.

The Moon is in Taurus

The moon in Taurus has its feet on the ground and encourages good financial management, it is also a pronounced taste for estheticism. The family, or in any case, the home are favored. It is a constructive and patient influence.

Your lunar tarot card is The Hermit

This card bears the number IX, and on it is a hermit or a monk, making his way alone, and supported by a stick. He is an old, bearded man who could be likened to a sage. In his right hand, he holds a lamp to light his way, and a book lies at his feet. The Hermit card symbolises a moment in which the consultant finds themselves isolated, going through a crisis, and re-assessing things, for better or worse. The Hermit is on a quest for wisdom, and his lantern is there to guide him. He symbolises a moment of introspection in which memories can resurface and unveil the past; a sign that a certain stage must be reached before real peace can be found. It symbolises a period of change. The Hermit card symbolises solitude, ageing, and delay. It represents a period of difficulty, but one that is necessary to move towards the light, for the Hermit is also a sign of wisdom.

The Hermit symbolises the path towards the light. The subject will move forward slowly with his or her thoughts on a better future. Things evolve slowly and calmly.

It's a day for...

It's a good time to rest at home, do manual work and renovate your house. It is also the perfect time for art and luxury items, to buy elegant clothes and look after your appearance.

But not a day for...

But this is not the day to experiment with novelties, to participate in a speed contest, to sneak in discreetly or to change methods, partners, projects or strategy.

The little "+" for you

The wave associated with the moon in Taurus insists on the long term and determination. It puts forward positive and natural emotions. It induces slowness but also a practical sense.

Here is what we can foresee, Friday 22nd of January, with the drew of the arcane The Hermit and the Moon in Taurus.

Something changes in your situation, so stay attentive in your meetings, perhaps love is hidden there. If you are in a relationship, you live in a complicit, greedy sensuality. At work, you consolidate your positions with responsibility and stability. You are very inspired in all your investments and your assets prosper. This Moon in Taurus gives you time to adapt to the changes on the horizon.

It rationalizes your thoughts and actions, making them stable and evolving. Faced with events and proposals for change, it encourages you to exercise caution. It encourages you to anticipate events. Without any toxic thoughts, it makes you see the positive sides and the negative aspects. You do not do things lightly. Also, you need to master the silent fears that this moon can generate especially concerning change. Without realizing it, it would cause useless blockages.

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