Here is the Answer to Your Question The two selected cards represent, on the one hand the mood of the day, on the other hand, your state of mind at the moment. Together, they lead to a conclusion that we give you here, along with little tips to make the day as easy as possible and to unravel the problem more easily. Discover your draw.

The Moon is in Scorpio

The moon in Scorpio is intuitive and very precise in its reactions. Negatively, they are radical reactions to any provocation, harsh words or aggressive gestures. Positively, it's the right expression of feelings.

Your lunar tarot card is The Moon

The card that bears the number XVIII is represented by the Moon. There are two houses on the card, as well as two dogs and a lake, in the middle of which lies a giant crustacean. Above all this is the Moon, sending out coloured 'tears'. The Moon has romantic connotations, and also symbolises the menstrual cycle; it is thereby a sign of femininity, intuition and sensitivity. The Sun always follows the Moon, and this card symbolises the union of opposites. The card evokes anguish, yearning and illusion. The Moon belongs to the realm of the imagination, the fantastical. When linked to the Star or another positive card, it will be a source of creativity, though not one without pain.

This is a card that shows ambiguity in the subject's life, confusion that will lead to great changes if the other cards drawn with it have a similar meaning. Conversely, if the other cards are negative, it is to be supposed that the subject will go through a time of very painful depression.

It's a day for...

Now is the time to open the dialogue or the negotiations but with tact and diplomacy, without imposing your point of view. All that is related to the occult sciences or to nature is favored.

But not a day for...

Do not be ruthless, dogmatic, domineering, manipulative, possessive or jealous. Do not take legal action, do not try to take control another's will. Avoid ruminating ...

The little "+" for you

This wave associated with the moon in Scorpio promotes introspection and emphasizes things that are usually hidden. It is a very good influence to study, concentrate or deepen the problem.

Here is what we can foresee, Thursday 2 of July, with the drew of the arcane The Moon and the Moon in Scorpio.

Everything is fine, your businesses flourish, your activities unfold, your claims succeed. Your analytical skills and excellent intuition allow you to make a lucid point about your situation and the positive balance allows you even other investments or orientations. On the emotional front, you unite: meeting or marriage. The trials, the choices, the past have made you evolve. Your level of consciousness has taken a step. You enter an active and energetic phase that will give you the means to live better and differently. Taking into account the past, you will be able to make the most of the circumstances and events.

This Moon in Scorpio helps you to not make the same mistakes again. It encourages you to hold steady and not let go. It's hard to influence you. Your mind knows how to resist what could be toxic. This Moon encourages you to stay with your goals. It may be that contrary influences have the upper hand. Do not give in. With this Moon, you will win in the end.

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