What Will the Cards tell You Today? Now that you have drawn your two cards, one designating the atmosphere in which you evolve and the other speaking rather of your state of mind, we now propose that you discover the global meaning of this draw, the answer to your question but also our best advice to make the most of your situation.

The Moon is in Aries

The moon in Aries agitates everyone and induces impatient, selfish and willful behaviors. This is a good thing for anything that requires initiative but a difficult aspect for associating or compromising.

Your lunar tarot card is The Sun

This card bears the number XIX and is full of light. The Sun shines and illuminates, bringing light and nourishment. The Sun is personified on the card, with eyes, a nose and a mouth; an image of paternal benevolence. The two characters figuring below it are lit up and warmed by the rays. This card symbolises sharing, brotherhood and friendship. This is one of the best cards in the Tarot of Marseille, along with the World. It is synonymous with success, wealth, energy and power. This is a card of true love, that helps to make miracles. It is a sign of truth and sincerity where human relationships are concerned.

The Sun is a card that shines forth and triumphs over misfortune. It is a symbol of success in a Tarot reading and is a herald of all things positive, unless the position of the Sun is in an inverted position. If this is the case, all its initial qualities become handicaps.

It's a day for...

It's a day to undertake, to look for a job, to move and be active but also to make a decisive decision, to seduce, affirm or assert your rights.

But not a day for...

Today is not the day to start a new sentimental relationship nor to start a controversy, the compromises will be difficult to find. Do not give in to all your impulses, at the risk of hurting yourself, literally or figuratively ...

The little "+" for you

This wave associated with the moon in Aries becomes more dynamic, uncompromising and requires willingness, audacity and energy on the part of the consultant. Their personality is exalted.

Here is what we can foresee, Wednesday 26th of February, with the drew of the arcane The Sun and the Moon in Aries.

It goes a little in all directions, by dint of following each impulse, as unreasonable as it is, you will eventually hit a snag. You play the free, lawless, and self-sacrificing spirit, and you risk breaking bonds through neglect, demoting yourself, or instilling financial instability. This moon acts on your instincts and can push them to the end. By listening, you will finish solo, alone, with only yourself to blame.

This perspective is not very pleasing and constructive, so it would be desirable that you slow down your impulses. The energies of this Moon encourage you to react on ideas or feelings that will drag you down a slippery slope. Be wary, because you will not be able to catch or pick up all the pieces. Do not fish with overconfidence as it will lead to unconsciousness. Pull yourself together while there is still time. Do not give in to all the easy and ephemeral temptations.

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