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You're going to go through changes in your relationships over the coming weeks and these will lead you to revisit your collective projects and institute useful changes. In fact the placing of this card indicates that your relations, both with friends and others, will give you great satisfaction and in particular, enable your projects to run smoothly. You're going to experience situations which are good for meeting new people. A collective project could get off the ground and make progress towards collective success. You're going to go through important changes which will have a beneficial effect on your creativity. You will have many brilliant ideas to choose from and will easily establish which ones give you pleasure, well-being and comfort. This insight could be really useful for "cataloguing" your real desires and focusing more astutely on the future. This is an excellent time to ask yourself spiritual questions and find a fulfilling philosophy on life.

Your adaptability will be a major asset for making your life better than it is at the moment. Births, relocations, career changes or a change of partner are on the agenda. Your familiar world is undergoing complete transformation. You will see the necessity of transforming your everyday life, while taking the essentials of a new job, or personal and family matters into consideration. You'll find your clearest answers to your questions about life in intimate, unforgettable moments of well-being.

You will be sensitive to your family unit, thinking of your child, or the child you will have in the future, or even the child you were yourself. If you structure this period of introspection, you will be preparing for some very rewarding future days in the long term. Actions turns into activities and will enable you to reap the fruits of your efforts.

Over the next few weeks, you are going to be able to have real possibility of changes in your working life

First card: The Devil

The figure XV is printed on the Devil card. He is stood upright on a golden throne. Like Lucifer, he wields light with the help of a flaming torch. There is stagnant water beneath his throne. There are two characters at his sides, with a cord tied around each of their necks. We cannot see their hands as they are hidden behind their backs. The Devil card is positive; it is a source of energy, an omnipresent strength of desire. This card will bring things to light and show the way, brutishly but realistically. If the cards surrounding the Devil are negative, however, then this card will mean nothing but bad news: break-ups, being torn apart, destructive desires of passion, etc. The Devil can also be a sign of a future betrayal, or illusions that could be mistaken as real.

Second card: The High Priestess

Card number II from the Tarot of Marseille bears the image of a woman, sat with a book open on her lap. She represents teaching and learning. The four elements of life were shown on the preceding card, and here it is knowledge that is being represented - books are a sign of knowledge. The Papess is calm. She wears a veil - perhaps she lives outside of the world, learning from books rather than experience? The Papess is the Pope's companion. This card evokes everything to do with knowledge, words, writing and culture. It also represents solitude and calmness. It is a passive card, which can be said to symbolise wisdom and education.

Third card: The Wheel of Fortune

This card bears the number X, and symbolises voluntary action. It is symbolic of it being time to know where you are going, time to decide your destiny. It represents a period of prosperity, during which worries are forgotten and problems are solved. The Wheel of Fortune symbolises achieving your destiny, and moving on to the next stage. Things are taking shape and it's time to experience them. Situations deemed difficult will start to disappear - the change announced by this card is usually a good sign. The Wheel of Fortune is not a bad card; it means that things will take form, in a logical way. You reap what you sow.

Fourth card: The Emperor

This card bears the number IV. The Emperor holds power. It cannot really be determined from the image on the card if the Emperor is standing or seated. This gives the feeling of a being in motion, not resting in one place. After the Fool has discovered the elements from the Magician, learnt knowledge from the Papess, and created new ideas with the Empress, he encounters the Emperor. On the Fool's journey, the Emperor represents the stage of seeing plans through into the physical world. The Emperor holds his sceptre determinedly; you can tell that he is about to act. Unlike his wife the Empress, he is not a force of creation, he is one of action. The number IV is a sign of stability. In the Emperor can be seen courage, strength, and willpower, yet this card can sometimes be a sign of tyranny and excess. It symbolises the law, and the other cards drawn will accentuate the positive or negative effects of this Arcanum.

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