Here are the results of your reading

You're going to find out the results of your Marseille Tarot reading and discover where the paths of destiny will take your love-life. This is an ideal way to look forward with optimism and is more than a just a means of prediction. It's a tool that will throw light on the progression of your personality and and your emotional development.

This will give your a better understanding of the reasons for certain aspects of behaviour in those close to you, especially the way they can vary. This is a valuable asset for living in harmony, improving communication and gaining happiness in your love-life.

This Tarot reading will help you shed a deeper, clearer, and more specific light on how things will go over the coming days.

Here's what we can tell you about what the heavens have in store for your love-life from the 4 cards you've just drawn

A positive breath of creative enthusiasm is going to blow through your life soon. In fact the placing of this card is going to be very much to your advantage where your plans are concerned, but also regarding your emotional life and children. The message of this card is that external circumstances will favour success. You're going to go through a constructive and fulfilling period in your love-life. New people, pregnancy, a new encounter and the start of a relationship are on the cards.

Over these next few weeks, you are going to go through great changes in your love-life!

The outcome of your Tarot reading has been your gaining awareness of the influences that are going to illuminate the path of your love-life over the next few days. Do another reading as soon as you feel the need to. We are there to answer all your questions and give your our complete and personalised support. You can change the course of your love-life and have the means to do so. Therefore, let us help and advise you with our Tarot readings.

First card: The Hermit

This card bears the number IX, and on it is a hermit or a monk, making his way alone, and supported by a stick. He is an old, bearded man who could be likened to a sage. In his right hand, he holds a lamp to light his way, and a book lies at his feet. The Hermit card symbolises a moment in which the consultant finds themselves isolated, going through a crisis, and re-assessing things, for better or worse. The Hermit is on a quest for wisdom, and his lantern is there to guide him. He symbolises a moment of introspection in which memories can resurface and unveil the past; a sign that a certain stage must be reached before real peace can be found. It symbolises a period of change. The Hermit card symbolises solitude, ageing, and delay. It represents a period of difficulty, but one that is necessary to move towards the light, for the Hermit is also a sign of wisdom.

Second card: The Emperor

This card bears the number IV. The Emperor holds power. It cannot really be determined from the image on the card if the Emperor is standing or seated. This gives the feeling of a being in motion, not resting in one place. After the Fool has discovered the elements from the Magician, learnt knowledge from the Papess, and created new ideas with the Empress, he encounters the Emperor. On the Fool's journey, the Emperor represents the stage of seeing plans through into the physical world. The Emperor holds his sceptre determinedly; you can tell that he is about to act. Unlike his wife the Empress, he is not a force of creation, he is one of action. The number IV is a sign of stability. In the Emperor can be seen courage, strength, and willpower, yet this card can sometimes be a sign of tyranny and excess. It symbolises the law, and the other cards drawn will accentuate the positive or negative effects of this Arcanum.

Third card: The Star

Card number XVII is the Star. On it is a naked woman, kneeling at the edge of a river. Yellow and blue stars light up the sky. This card symbolises sincerity and humility in the face of nature's greatness. The Star represents generosity, greatness, and sharing. The Star card is very positive, a sign of renewal, rebirth, and purity. Dreams will come true or be productive, thanks to the positive effects of the Star. The consultant will follow their destiny, their guiding star, and move along their path untroubled. A weight will be lifted from them, and they will be renewed with energy, from finding serenity and being able to start anew at last. The Star card can represent people who are surrounded by a lot of success (public figures, for example), or generous people who give a lot of themselves to others, such as nurses, teachers, etc.

Fourth card: The Empress

The third Arcanum also shows an image of a woman sitting. She is holding a sceptre and a shield in her hands, and there is a font of holy water behind her. After the Fool learns how to survive in the material world (the Magician), and gains intellectual knowledge (the Papess), the Empress becomes active; she is the creation of ideas. The Empress is constantly thinking, making mental advancements and inventing new concepts. The font symbolises purity. It is there to organise the Empress' ideas, and guide them so that they do not get lost in a flux, lacking any real coherence. This is the card of power and control. It is often associated with business, and is linked to communicating and exchanging with others. It is a positive card to draw, and can never really be bad.

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