Here are the results of your reading

The Tarot method enables you to give a clear response to all kinds of emotional demands and questions. You can turn this Tarot reading into a considerable asset for taking the reins in your life and heading in the direction you wish to go, in full awareness of the different influences acting on your destiny.

Underestimating your ability to make decisions is always a mistake. To achieve greater control over the progression of your love-life, the Marseille Tarot will be a positive ally in enabling you to avoid any mishaps.

This Tarot will shed a clear light on the whys and wherefores of what is worrying you at the moment, taking you in as clear a direction as possible, the one towards your emotional ideals.

Here's what we can tell you about what the heavens have in store for your love-life from the 4 cards you've just drawn

In your quest for a better, more genuine and more balanced life, you find yourself facing choices that don't appear to be simple. You've developed a real ability to think and express yourself freely, but you still find it difficult to work out your essential values. In other words, you have the freedom to do what you want, but you aren't too sure about what you like! Your motivation is often held back because you feel you should be certain of your fundamental choices before you accept them completely.

Over these next few weeks, you are going to go through great changes in your love-life!

We hope that the interpretation of your Tarot reading will give you this most useful of assets for managing your love-life. You now know what to do for the best to have a fulfilling love-life, thanks to your Tarot reading. Don't forget to to do it again, whenever you feel the need, every day if you need to. We are there to help you and to shed a simple and accurate light on your love-life. Seize this chance and allow us to guide you.

First card: Justice

Card VIII in the Tarot of Marseille defines what is just, and means that any business ventures will be carried out in honesty. Decisions made will have been thought about previously, and not just carried out on a whim. The scales of justice are depicted on the card, showing the pros and cons being weighed up before a decision is made. Justice signifies a confrontation with a situation, in which you are obliged to weigh up the good and the bad to act for the better. It can symbolise a contract that needs signing, or some sort of legal action. This card cannot be judged as entirely positive, however: more than anything, it shows that there is an obstacle in the way and that in order to act correctly, you will need to take your time and think things through.

Second card: The Nameless One

This card bears the symbolic number XIII, and on it is depicted a skeleton holding a scythe. People are too quick to interpret this as representing death, but it is not the case. The Nameless Arcanum is more a sign of upheaval, new things, the destruction of a past state, and moving on to something else. It represents radical change. It is not necessarily a negative card. When found with the Fool, it means that the consultant will find the strength to make all their hopes come true. The Nameless Arcanum can also evoke a person's transformation; someone brutally finding their way and changing, to follow the path that they have chosen for themselves. The radical change that this card evokes can be either voluntary or forced. Of course, death can be a part of these changes, but it is not the only meaning of this card. Above all else, it symbolises the end of something, of a state of being.

Third card: Temperance

On card number XIV, we have an Angel holding a cup, into which he is pouring a liquid. As its name suggests, the Temperance card symbolises calm, tranquility and rest. If a person is ill, this card is a sign of recovery and healing. This card also brings balance to energy; the person concerned will regain their strength, on the right road to their recovery. The angel is also a protector, guarding against illness or aiding the healing, but he can also symbolise the protection of an individual. A benevolent force is there to guide us, and help us to move forward. Temperance is normally interpreted as being the card of rest and convalescence. If it appears with the Moon, we can tell that the consultant is troubled by anxieties. Temperance can also announce a change in attitude, or in the person's lifestyle.

Fourth card: The Star

Card number XVII is the Star. On it is a naked woman, kneeling at the edge of a river. Yellow and blue stars light up the sky. This card symbolises sincerity and humility in the face of nature's greatness. The Star represents generosity, greatness, and sharing. The Star card is very positive, a sign of renewal, rebirth, and purity. Dreams will come true or be productive, thanks to the positive effects of the Star. The consultant will follow their destiny, their guiding star, and move along their path untroubled. A weight will be lifted from them, and they will be renewed with energy, from finding serenity and being able to start anew at last. The Star card can represent people who are surrounded by a lot of success (public figures, for example), or generous people who give a lot of themselves to others, such as nurses, teachers, etc.

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