Here are the results of your reading

You're now going to find out the results of your Tarot reading. It's essential to consider it as a personal guide which will help you finetune your way of dealing with things and your strategies for achieving your emotional aspirations.

This Tarot reading will enable you to turn things that happen in your love-life into definite assets and channel your energies and ways of behaviour towards your objectives, rather than free-wheeling through life.

Tarot really does give you an accurate vision for several reasons: the complex symbolism of each Tarot card enables you to focus on all the details of your future love-life and thus arm yourself with useful pointers.

Here's what we can tell you about what the heavens have in store for your love-life from the 4 cards you've just drawn

This is an excellent card for all those who have opted for new ideas, which they have skilfully developed, ardently promoted and then gone for tangible objectives by choosing the right people. Material and social success will definitely come at the right time. The stability of all you undertake is under good protection in the long term.

Your relationships are long-lasting and promotion at work is on the cards, as you are protected by someone with power. In any case, you can be certain of success, as your plans are well thought-out and skilfully promoted. You have the power in material terms to change things and the necessary desire, energy and authority.

It's all about circumstances and you will be able to take your life in a direction that really suits you. This new beginning has become possible thanks to the maturity you have shown, the personal progress you have made and the evaluations you have agreed to.

You are automatically more self-assertive with your practical decisions and the determination you need to complete projects successfully. You are protected by the influences heralded by this card and not hindered by obstacles caused by admin or anything else. You're progressing towards being more decisive, independent and showing determination, which will pay off.

Over these next few weeks, you are going to go through great changes in your love-life!

This Tarot reading will help you progress confidently and serenely in your love-life over the coming days. Concentrate .. and really think about what you would like to do. We are convinced you can take the upper hand in your love-life. You have the means to change things in your favour, so get moving. We are there to help you at all times of day. You can ask us every day, if you need to see things more clearly. Banish those doubts and you'll feel reassured.

First card: Judgment

In the Tarot of Marseille, card number XX evokes a part of life where the outcome is judged. At the top of the card is an angel, watching three earthbound people praying. This card can be a sign of something very good to come in the life of the person consulting the cards. The people at the bottom of the card symbolise harmony between yin and yang, united by the central person who creates balance. Masks will drop when this card is drawn; Judgement announces the end of something, or the result of a particular action, for which the rewards will either be reaped, or the consequences suffered. This card cannot be interpreted on its own when drawn; its meaning depends on the cards surrounding it.

Second card: The Hermit

This card bears the number IX, and on it is a hermit or a monk, making his way alone, and supported by a stick. He is an old, bearded man who could be likened to a sage. In his right hand, he holds a lamp to light his way, and a book lies at his feet. The Hermit card symbolises a moment in which the consultant finds themselves isolated, going through a crisis, and re-assessing things, for better or worse. The Hermit is on a quest for wisdom, and his lantern is there to guide him. He symbolises a moment of introspection in which memories can resurface and unveil the past; a sign that a certain stage must be reached before real peace can be found. It symbolises a period of change. The Hermit card symbolises solitude, ageing, and delay. It represents a period of difficulty, but one that is necessary to move towards the light, for the Hermit is also a sign of wisdom.

Third card: The Fool

The Fool is a very odd card in the Tarot of Marseille - it is the only one without a number. This Major Arcanum is also called 'The Jester'. Its picture shows a pilgrim, a man who has left on a quest for something. A dog can be seen next to him, which is symbolic of the animal side present in all human beings. It is a card that carries many meanings, and aside from madness and worry, it also symbolises voluntary renewal - the gentle kind, nothing forced. The Fool therefore symbolises the beginning of a journey; it is a sign of change in a person's life.

Fourth card: the World

The World card bears the number XXI, and it is the best card in the Tarot of Marseille. It is extremely positive. On it can be seen a naked woman, surrounded by the four elements at the source of life. The World represents flourishing and accomplishment in life. In this card, man has found harmony; unity between his body and soul. He possesses an inner wealth that cannot be shaken. This wisdom gives him strength and courage. The World card symbolises the Illuminated, he who has reached Nirvana; a freed being. In the first instance, this card can also announce travel, productive exchanges, movement, or creation. It is the card of success, a sign of recognition and development. It brings great joy and light, which naturally spreads to the cards around it.

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