Here are the results of your reading

You're going to find out the results of your Marseille Tarot reading and discover where the paths of destiny will take your love-life. This is an ideal way to look forward with optimism and is more than a just a means of prediction. It's a tool that will throw light on the progression of your personality and and your emotional development.

This will give your a better understanding of the reasons for certain aspects of behaviour in those close to you, especially the way they can vary. This is a valuable asset for living in harmony, improving communication and gaining happiness in your love-life.

This Tarot reading will help you shed a deeper, clearer, and more specific light on how things will go over the coming days.

Here's what we can tell you about what the heavens have in store for your love-life from the 4 cards you've just drawn

Everything is falling into place to help you make up your mind, to find a balance between awareness and perfectionism, between you and others, in complete - Fairness.

You're going to experience situations which will force you up against the wall and make you focus for better or worse on the legitimate aspects of your private and social life, so you can truly find lasting peace of mind. This will involve your own actions and your own criteria that you will need to develop.

You will however have cause to put yourself in the place of others and show goodwill and understanding. At other times, only contemplation and meditation will enable you to express clearly what you feel is right, fair and balanced. The truth will emerge from all the pros and cons you will need to weigh up.

Your future balance depends on this ability to discern between good and evil, the essential and the superfluous, fulfilling relationships and toxic ones. Your health equally needs you to rebalance certain bodily functions and create a better and healthier lifestyle, one that is more considered and more stable. All excess during this period will be particularly harmful.

Over these next few weeks, you are going to go through great changes in your love-life!

The outcome of your Tarot reading has been your gaining awareness of the influences that are going to illuminate the path of your love-life over the next few days. Do another reading as soon as you feel the need to. We are there to answer all your questions and give your our complete and personalised support. You can change the course of your love-life and have the means to do so. Therefore, let us help and advise you with our Tarot readings.

First card: The Devil

The figure XV is printed on the Devil card. He is stood upright on a golden throne. Like Lucifer, he wields light with the help of a flaming torch. There is stagnant water beneath his throne. There are two characters at his sides, with a cord tied around each of their necks. We cannot see their hands as they are hidden behind their backs. The Devil card is positive; it is a source of energy, an omnipresent strength of desire. This card will bring things to light and show the way, brutishly but realistically. If the cards surrounding the Devil are negative, however, then this card will mean nothing but bad news: break-ups, being torn apart, destructive desires of passion, etc. The Devil can also be a sign of a future betrayal, or illusions that could be mistaken as real.

Second card: The Hanged Man

This card bears the number XII, and is represented by the image of a Hanged Man. He hangs upside-down, suspended from his bound foot. The other leg is bent across his lap. His hands are hidden behind his back, and we do not know if they are also bound or not. The Hanged Man is immobile, his body a prisoner, with only his head free. From this we can conclude that he is free to think what he wants. In spite of the problems, he is mulling things over, thinking about the situation he has found himself in. In the Tarot of Marseille, the card of the Hanged Man indirectly advises the cards' consultant not to act, meaning that it would be better to think things over rather than jumping straight into something that they might regret. The Hanged Man in essence symbolises impotence, solitude and abandonment. It represents inactivity; a lack of action that could prove to be positive in the end, as the problem can be gotten through.

Third card: The Tower

The card numbered XVI is no neutral card, following immediately after the Devil's announcement of desire, calm, rupture, and heartbreak. The Tower is the most feared card. It is primarily negative, and symbolises destruction and rupture. The card's image shows a tower, the top of which is broken. A bird is flying in the sky, while a man is falling into the void. The man is, however, falling on his hands, like an acrobat - could he actually be dancing on his hands, perhaps? Depending on the surrounding cards, the Tower will be more or less negative. If the other cards confirm it, it can actually signify love at first sight. The consultant is in store for some very strong emotions; everything is going to collapse around them, and this will make them question everything they had believed to be true.

Fourth card: Judgment

In the Tarot of Marseille, card number XX evokes a part of life where the outcome is judged. At the top of the card is an angel, watching three earthbound people praying. This card can be a sign of something very good to come in the life of the person consulting the cards. The people at the bottom of the card symbolise harmony between yin and yang, united by the central person who creates balance. Masks will drop when this card is drawn; Judgement announces the end of something, or the result of a particular action, for which the rewards will either be reaped, or the consequences suffered. This card cannot be interpreted on its own when drawn; its meaning depends on the cards surrounding it.

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