Here are the results of your reading

You're now going to find out the results of your Tarot reading. It's essential to consider it as a personal guide which will help you finetune your way of dealing with things and your strategies for achieving your emotional aspirations.

This Tarot reading will enable you to turn things that happen in your love-life into definite assets and channel your energies and ways of behaviour towards your objectives, rather than free-wheeling through life.

Tarot really does give you an accurate vision for several reasons: the complex symbolism of each Tarot card enables you to focus on all the details of your future love-life and thus arm yourself with useful pointers.

Here's what we can tell you about what the heavens have in store for your love-life from the 4 cards you've just drawn

You're going to feel more serene in your family circle and also apply beneficial changes, which will, despite everything, move in the direction of continuity and the deepening of your relationships. Birth, marriage and important celebrations are on the cards during the coming weeks. You will have greater faith in your values and reality will indeed show that you are on the right track. Your hopes are going to be realised!

Over these next few weeks, you are going to go through great changes in your love-life!

This Tarot reading will help you progress confidently and serenely in your love-life over the coming days. Concentrate .. and really think about what you would like to do. We are convinced you can take the upper hand in your love-life. You have the means to change things in your favour, so get moving. We are there to help you at all times of day. You can ask us every day, if you need to see things more clearly. Banish those doubts and you'll feel reassured.

First card: The Devil

The figure XV is printed on the Devil card. He is stood upright on a golden throne. Like Lucifer, he wields light with the help of a flaming torch. There is stagnant water beneath his throne. There are two characters at his sides, with a cord tied around each of their necks. We cannot see their hands as they are hidden behind their backs. The Devil card is positive; it is a source of energy, an omnipresent strength of desire. This card will bring things to light and show the way, brutishly but realistically. If the cards surrounding the Devil are negative, however, then this card will mean nothing but bad news: break-ups, being torn apart, destructive desires of passion, etc. The Devil can also be a sign of a future betrayal, or illusions that could be mistaken as real.

Second card: The Fool

The Fool is a very odd card in the Tarot of Marseille - it is the only one without a number. This Major Arcanum is also called 'The Jester'. Its picture shows a pilgrim, a man who has left on a quest for something. A dog can be seen next to him, which is symbolic of the animal side present in all human beings. It is a card that carries many meanings, and aside from madness and worry, it also symbolises voluntary renewal - the gentle kind, nothing forced. The Fool therefore symbolises the beginning of a journey; it is a sign of change in a person's life.

Third card: The Emperor

This card bears the number IV. The Emperor holds power. It cannot really be determined from the image on the card if the Emperor is standing or seated. This gives the feeling of a being in motion, not resting in one place. After the Fool has discovered the elements from the Magician, learnt knowledge from the Papess, and created new ideas with the Empress, he encounters the Emperor. On the Fool's journey, the Emperor represents the stage of seeing plans through into the physical world. The Emperor holds his sceptre determinedly; you can tell that he is about to act. Unlike his wife the Empress, he is not a force of creation, he is one of action. The number IV is a sign of stability. In the Emperor can be seen courage, strength, and willpower, yet this card can sometimes be a sign of tyranny and excess. It symbolises the law, and the other cards drawn will accentuate the positive or negative effects of this Arcanum.

Fourth card: The Empress

The third Arcanum also shows an image of a woman sitting. She is holding a sceptre and a shield in her hands, and there is a font of holy water behind her. After the Fool learns how to survive in the material world (the Magician), and gains intellectual knowledge (the Papess), the Empress becomes active; she is the creation of ideas. The Empress is constantly thinking, making mental advancements and inventing new concepts. The font symbolises purity. It is there to organise the Empress' ideas, and guide them so that they do not get lost in a flux, lacking any real coherence. This is the card of power and control. It is often associated with business, and is linked to communicating and exchanging with others. It is a positive card to draw, and can never really be bad.

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