Here are the results of your reading

The Tarot method enables you to give a clear response to all kinds of emotional demands and questions. You can turn this Tarot reading into a considerable asset for taking the reins in your life and heading in the direction you wish to go, in full awareness of the different influences acting on your destiny.

Underestimating your ability to make decisions is always a mistake. To achieve greater control over the progression of your love-life, the Marseille Tarot will be a positive ally in enabling you to avoid any mishaps.

This Tarot will shed a clear light on the whys and wherefores of what is worrying you at the moment, taking you in as clear a direction as possible, the one towards your emotional ideals.

Here's what we can tell you about what the heavens have in store for your love-life from the 4 cards you've just drawn

You're going to go through changes in your relationships over the coming weeks and these will lead you to revisit your collective projects and institute useful changes. In fact the placing of this card indicates that your relations, both with friends and others, will give you great satisfaction and in particular, enable your projects to run smoothly. You're going to experience situations which are good for meeting new people. A collective project could get off the ground and make progress towards collective success. You're going to go through important changes which will have a beneficial effect on your creativity. You will have many brilliant ideas to choose from and will easily establish which ones give you pleasure, well-being and comfort. This insight could be really useful for "cataloguing" your real desires and focusing more astutely on the future. This is an excellent time to ask yourself spiritual questions and find a fulfilling philosophy on life.

Your adaptability will be a major asset for making your life better than it is at the moment. Births, relocations, career changes or a change of partner are on the agenda. Your familiar world is undergoing complete transformation. You will see the necessity of transforming your everyday life, while taking the essentials of a new job, or personal and family matters into consideration. You'll find your clearest answers to your questions about life in intimate, unforgettable moments of well-being.

You will be sensitive to your family unit, thinking of your child, or the child you will have in the future, or even the child you were yourself. If you structure this period of introspection, you will be preparing for some very rewarding future days in the long term. Actions turns into activities and will enable you to reap the fruits of your efforts.

Over these next few weeks, you are going to go through great changes in your love-life!

We hope that the interpretation of your Tarot reading will give you this most useful of assets for managing your love-life. You now know what to do for the best to have a fulfilling love-life, thanks to your Tarot reading. Don't forget to to do it again, whenever you feel the need, every day if you need to. We are there to help you and to shed a simple and accurate light on your love-life. Seize this chance and allow us to guide you.

First card: The Hanged Man

This card bears the number XII, and is represented by the image of a Hanged Man. He hangs upside-down, suspended from his bound foot. The other leg is bent across his lap. His hands are hidden behind his back, and we do not know if they are also bound or not. The Hanged Man is immobile, his body a prisoner, with only his head free. From this we can conclude that he is free to think what he wants. In spite of the problems, he is mulling things over, thinking about the situation he has found himself in. In the Tarot of Marseille, the card of the Hanged Man indirectly advises the cards' consultant not to act, meaning that it would be better to think things over rather than jumping straight into something that they might regret. The Hanged Man in essence symbolises impotence, solitude and abandonment. It represents inactivity; a lack of action that could prove to be positive in the end, as the problem can be gotten through.

Second card: The Hermit

This card bears the number IX, and on it is a hermit or a monk, making his way alone, and supported by a stick. He is an old, bearded man who could be likened to a sage. In his right hand, he holds a lamp to light his way, and a book lies at his feet. The Hermit card symbolises a moment in which the consultant finds themselves isolated, going through a crisis, and re-assessing things, for better or worse. The Hermit is on a quest for wisdom, and his lantern is there to guide him. He symbolises a moment of introspection in which memories can resurface and unveil the past; a sign that a certain stage must be reached before real peace can be found. It symbolises a period of change. The Hermit card symbolises solitude, ageing, and delay. It represents a period of difficulty, but one that is necessary to move towards the light, for the Hermit is also a sign of wisdom.

Third card: The Emperor

This card bears the number IV. The Emperor holds power. It cannot really be determined from the image on the card if the Emperor is standing or seated. This gives the feeling of a being in motion, not resting in one place. After the Fool has discovered the elements from the Magician, learnt knowledge from the Papess, and created new ideas with the Empress, he encounters the Emperor. On the Fool's journey, the Emperor represents the stage of seeing plans through into the physical world. The Emperor holds his sceptre determinedly; you can tell that he is about to act. Unlike his wife the Empress, he is not a force of creation, he is one of action. The number IV is a sign of stability. In the Emperor can be seen courage, strength, and willpower, yet this card can sometimes be a sign of tyranny and excess. It symbolises the law, and the other cards drawn will accentuate the positive or negative effects of this Arcanum.

Fourth card: The Lovers

This card bears the number VI, and on it are three people, with an Angel above their heads. Love becomes possible after the Fool obtains wisdom from the Pope. The Lovers card represents unconditional Love; love that does not judge others, but loves them for who they are, without ever trying to change them. The Lovers card also symbolises the freedom to do what we want, and moving ourselves towards what we are attracted to. The first meaning of this card is hesitation, a pause for thought. But looking deeper, we understand that the Lovers card symbolises progression, the passing from one state to another.

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