Here are the results of your reading

You're going to find out the results of your Marseille Tarot reading and discover where the paths of destiny will take your love-life. This is an ideal way to look forward with optimism and is more than a just a means of prediction. It's a tool that will throw light on the progression of your personality and and your emotional development.

This will give your a better understanding of the reasons for certain aspects of behaviour in those close to you, especially the way they can vary. This is a valuable asset for living in harmony, improving communication and gaining happiness in your love-life.

This Tarot reading will help you shed a deeper, clearer, and more specific light on how things will go over the coming days.

Here's what we can tell you about what the heavens have in store for your love-life from the 4 cards you've just drawn

One good thing leads to another (the exact opposite of a vicious circle) and your moral strength will be imbued with greater optimism. You will have great opportunities to turn the page on the trials and tribulations of the past. You will finally be able to forget, forgive, accept and understand former ordeals.

This disposition will help you considerably to rebuild relationships, activities and your lifestyle on a new, sounder basis, where former strong feelings and subjective fears have disappeared. This process is often a solitary one, but that shouldn't cause you problems. You are in a position to find time alone productive, because you can clearly see the good it is doing you.

Regarding your health and fitness, this will be a period of well-being, where you won't be lacking in energy. It could be an excellent time to start on personal therapy and have an easier passage to solving former problems to your satisfaction. Your aspirations are succeeding thanks to your perseverance. You're going to have concrete proof that not giving in will have been the springboard for your good fortune. You feel at ease with yourself and benevolent towards others. You've never been so close to Wisdom.

Over these next few weeks, you are going to go through great changes in your love-life!

The outcome of your Tarot reading has been your gaining awareness of the influences that are going to illuminate the path of your love-life over the next few days. Do another reading as soon as you feel the need to. We are there to answer all your questions and give your our complete and personalised support. You can change the course of your love-life and have the means to do so. Therefore, let us help and advise you with our Tarot readings.

First card: Strength

This card bears the number XI. It shows an image of a woman taming a lion. This naturally evokes images of power and strength of character, but in a feminine form. It is creative strength. It symbolises the soul that rules our animal side. This card thus also evokes ideas of controlling our impulses. It is a source of energy, and of force of will. The young woman is wearing a hat on her head - the exact same one as worn by the Magician. We can therefore conclude that these two tarot cards complete each other. This card can also announce a period of difficulty, for which strength will be needed. It is a sign of conflict between two opposing powers.

Second card: The Hierophant or Pope

In the Tarot of Marseille, the Pope card bears the number V. In the beginning of the Tarot story, the Fool leaves on a pilgrimage or quest for something, as illustrated in the Fool card. He leaves searching for direction. After finding their way, a person wants to tell others about it, to share this knowledge, and then to rest. The Pope card evokes the gift of teaching: helping others to learn, and guiding them. The Pope acts as an intermediary, showing the path to follow. It can be associated with the image of the benevolent priest who guides his children. This card is positive; it is a sign of protection and has spiritual meaning. The Pope card brings meaning to events. If the Pope card is drawn, it is a good sign, because it means that success will be at hand. In a romantic relationship, the Pope signifies a stable and lasting union.

Third card: The Moon

The card that bears the number XVIII is represented by the Moon. There are two houses on the card, as well as two dogs and a lake, in the middle of which lies a giant crustacean. Above all this is the Moon, sending out coloured 'tears'. The Moon has romantic connotations, and also symbolises the menstrual cycle; it is thereby a sign of femininity, intuition and sensitivity. The Sun always follows the Moon, and this card symbolises the union of opposites. The card evokes anguish, yearning and illusion. The Moon belongs to the realm of the imagination, the fantastical. When linked to the Star or another positive card, it will be a source of creativity, though not one without pain.

Fourth card: Justice

Card VIII in the Tarot of Marseille defines what is just, and means that any business ventures will be carried out in honesty. Decisions made will have been thought about previously, and not just carried out on a whim. The scales of justice are depicted on the card, showing the pros and cons being weighed up before a decision is made. Justice signifies a confrontation with a situation, in which you are obliged to weigh up the good and the bad to act for the better. It can symbolise a contract that needs signing, or some sort of legal action. This card cannot be judged as entirely positive, however: more than anything, it shows that there is an obstacle in the way and that in order to act correctly, you will need to take your time and think things through.

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