Here are the results of your reading

This Tarot reading will enable you to know which are the powerful forces that are going to drive the course of your love-life over the coming days. At the same time, it gives you both a precise and an overall view of your future in general. You will be able to avoid certain pitfalls in the knowledge that an influx of emotions is going to heighten your emotional vulnerability. You will be able to see in advance when you will need to stand back to be able to handle the situation and strengthen positive influences.

You will have hidden insights into the development of your love-life, which will make it much easier to apply positive strategies for the future. This is a chance for you to avoid pitfalls, impasses and setbacks. Here's an overview of what will happen to you over the coming days ...

Here's what we can tell you about what the heavens have in store for your love-life from the 4 cards you've just drawn

Over the next few weeks, your life will become more animated, and new and varied events will take place one after another. The wheel of destiny is turning. Big changes will occur in your way of thinking and your outlook will evolve. You will have to seize all kinds of fleeting and varied moments and will encounter unexpected situations which will lead you to make important personal discoveries, throwing your opinions and former motivation into question.

You will be forced to move more towards a different way of life, one more open to others, to the world and potentially different views on life. The realm of possibilities is very broad and it will take time and energy to choose ones best suited to your deepest aspirations. This is a real case of working on yourself taking place and one that will clearly define your expectations, once you have looked at all the possibilities.

You won't stop there, but will try to assimilate and understand everything. Your open mind will be a powerful factor in your development. The combination of your boldness and your optimism will encourage you to push back the boundaries in all areas and luck will be on your side, unabated.

Over these next few weeks, you are going to go through great changes in your love-life!

You now know how your love-life is going to shape up over the next few days. We have shone light on the decisions you need to make in a positive way, leaving you to decide when you see fit. Don't underestimate your decision-making abilities,so that you can take firm control of your love-life. You can change the future. So, go back to doing a reading whenever you like, at any time if a question is niggling away at you. We are there to help you, whatever problem needs solving.

First card: The Fool

The Fool is a very odd card in the Tarot of Marseille - it is the only one without a number. This Major Arcanum is also called 'The Jester'. Its picture shows a pilgrim, a man who has left on a quest for something. A dog can be seen next to him, which is symbolic of the animal side present in all human beings. It is a card that carries many meanings, and aside from madness and worry, it also symbolises voluntary renewal - the gentle kind, nothing forced. The Fool therefore symbolises the beginning of a journey; it is a sign of change in a person's life.

Second card: The High Priestess

Card number II from the Tarot of Marseille bears the image of a woman, sat with a book open on her lap. She represents teaching and learning. The four elements of life were shown on the preceding card, and here it is knowledge that is being represented - books are a sign of knowledge. The Papess is calm. She wears a veil - perhaps she lives outside of the world, learning from books rather than experience? The Papess is the Pope's companion. This card evokes everything to do with knowledge, words, writing and culture. It also represents solitude and calmness. It is a passive card, which can be said to symbolise wisdom and education.

Third card: The Hanged Man

This card bears the number XII, and is represented by the image of a Hanged Man. He hangs upside-down, suspended from his bound foot. The other leg is bent across his lap. His hands are hidden behind his back, and we do not know if they are also bound or not. The Hanged Man is immobile, his body a prisoner, with only his head free. From this we can conclude that he is free to think what he wants. In spite of the problems, he is mulling things over, thinking about the situation he has found himself in. In the Tarot of Marseille, the card of the Hanged Man indirectly advises the cards' consultant not to act, meaning that it would be better to think things over rather than jumping straight into something that they might regret. The Hanged Man in essence symbolises impotence, solitude and abandonment. It represents inactivity; a lack of action that could prove to be positive in the end, as the problem can be gotten through.

Fourth card: The Devil

The figure XV is printed on the Devil card. He is stood upright on a golden throne. Like Lucifer, he wields light with the help of a flaming torch. There is stagnant water beneath his throne. There are two characters at his sides, with a cord tied around each of their necks. We cannot see their hands as they are hidden behind their backs. The Devil card is positive; it is a source of energy, an omnipresent strength of desire. This card will bring things to light and show the way, brutishly but realistically. If the cards surrounding the Devil are negative, however, then this card will mean nothing but bad news: break-ups, being torn apart, destructive desires of passion, etc. The Devil can also be a sign of a future betrayal, or illusions that could be mistaken as real.

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